My name is Dominika,
and I dress women
with Italian taste

Inspired by the Italian sun, I will help you discover your own style and allow you to love fashion and yourself!

Why do I offer?

You open your wardrobe again and don’t know what to wear, even though your hangers are full of clothes? Going to the store, but while trying clothes on, you’re unsure if they’ll fit you? Or maybe you have a big event coming up and want to dazzle with your appearance but still feel natural and be yourself?

Meet me, and I’ll show you how to combine timeless Italian elegance with what you simply love to wear. The result? You’ll look stunning and exude confidence in every situation.


How can we work together?

Let’s discover your style wherever you are


I live in Milan, but I often visit Warsaw. Not on your way? No problem. We can arrange an online consultation.

During the meeting, we will clarify the elements of your chosen style – hair and make-up, colour choices or the appropriate cut and clothing style. We can also create an outfit for a specific occasion.

Let’s develop your styling from A to Z


You’ll be invited to a meeting in Milan or Warsaw. Over a freshly brewed espresso, we’ll discuss what suits your beauty type and lifestyle.

Next, I suggest a wardrobe review and shopping together – I’ll help you create a capsule wardrobe that makes your clothes feel like new skin. You’ll find that just a few garments are enough to develop chic styles for any occasion.

Let’s get together as women and talk about fashion


Let’s spend a few hours together. Me, you and your friends.

I’ll help you refine your personal style. I’ll give you tips on your wardrobe, so you always look smart and stylish.

Why me?


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