About me

My name is Dominika Czechowska. I am a fashion stylist.

I support women who want to express their personality through clothing. My work combines Polish creativity and Italian taste. This allows me to use current trends to create timeless styles.

Why I work in fashion

I have been involved with fashion since 2004. That’s when I started working in the industry and it warmed my heart from the very first moments. I watched as stylists and make-up artists transformed not only people’s looks, but also their moods. I decided to one day start my own business and help women find their unique style. My dream is now coming true.

Made in Italy

I live and work every day in Milan – the world’s fashion capital. Here you can visit the boutiques of the biggest fashion houses. Milan is also home to the largest fashion fair in the world – Fashion Week.

But what inspires me most is the way Italian women approach fashion. They taught me that fashion is a source of daily joy, not stress.

Clothing is meant to liberate, not restrict

Even in jeans and t-shirts, Italian women are sensual, elegant and confident. And this is true whatever their age.

After years of experience in Milan, I want to use quintessential Italian style to help women enjoy fashion.

Fashion is about being more “you”

I am a graduate of the prestigious European School of Fashion ESR (Ecole Supérieur de Relooking). As a fashion stylist, I work accordingly – focusing on finding genuine needs rather than creating an artificial image.

Because it’s not about what to wear, it’s about feeling good in clothes.

I strive for every woman to see the beauty in herself that is not defined by any canons or current trends. If my client consults with me, looks in the mirror, and sees herself, I know I have achieved my goal.

What you will appreciate about working with me?

Full confidence

Feel free to tell me about your appearance dreams. I guarantee a relaxed atmosphere and discretion.

Positive thinking

Optimism is my innate quality. I act with an energy that can thrill.

Fashion intuition

I can sense the desires of the women I work with and choose a style that suits their lifestyle

Contact me for an appointment

Let’s discover a style that makes you feel like yourself!