Let’s discover your style wherever you are

Is this for you?

You need specific tips on how to emphasise your personality with your look.

You want to spice up a selected element of your look for different occasions.

You want to meet me, but Milan or Warsaw is too far for you.

How can I help you during your online consultation?


Finding the make-up and hairstyle that makes you glow

Which colours suit your skin type? Which hairstyle enhances your facial contours? How do you use make-up to the best effect?

We’ll find the answers to all these questions during a facial colour analysis. A professional make-up artist will assist us, and I’ll suggest how her tips can be incorporated into your overall look.


Let’s create your personal colour palette

Don’t waste any more time wondering whether these clothes will suit you. We’ll work out what colour range and which patterns match your beauty.

I’ll also give you some tried and tested tips on mixing and matching colours to create chic looks.


Choosing a cut of clothes that will always make you look your best

A Double-breasted blazer or a light jacket? A flared skirt or a slim clutch bag? No more dilemmas. We’ll work out which cuts accentuate your figure’s best elements.

Let’s also match the cut combinations to your lifestyle. Because the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you wear.


Let’s style for a special occasion

A wedding, a new job, a date, a photo shoot, or speaking at a conference – there are moments when you want to make a memorable impression.

I can help you choose an outfit for a specific occasion. I can suggest how to put together an outfit that looks fashionable and highlights your character at the same time.


What does an online consultation look like?


We’ll agree on the topic and date of the consultation.


We meet for a consultation. One consultation lasts 1-1.5 h.


After the consultation, you’ll receive a PDF from me with a summary of the analysis and detailed guidance.


We meet for a summary of the consultation (about 20 minutes).

How much are you investing in our partnership?

Single consultation

990 zł

Package 2 consultations

1890 zł

Package 3 consultations

2790 zł

Want to work on your overall look?

Choose a complete package of 4 consultations

3590 PLN

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