Let’s develop your styling from A to Z

Who this offer is for

You want to transform your look and find a unique style that emphasises who you are.

You know what you want to look like, but you are looking for someone to help you shop for clothes and accessories.

You dream of a wardrobe with just the clothes you need and looks great.

How the premium consultation works


Comprehensive style analysis


We’ll start with a series of consultations to find out what colours, cuts, and materials suit you. You tell me what you feel best in and what you want to change about your look.


We can also meet with a professional make-up artist who can suggest what make-up and hairstyle will enhance your beauty.


Finally, I will send you the conclusions of the analysis as a pdf file. You can always refer to it if you’re unsure whether a particular outfit suits you.


Wardrobe overview


It’s time to review your wardrobe. We’ll identify which items are worth keeping and which are just taking up unnecessary space.


I’ll take a fresh look at your clothes and come up with new combinations for different occasions. You will find that your wardrobe is full of possibilities!


We’ll organise your wardrobe so that you know what to wear to a meeting with friends, to work or to a big gala.




Is something missing from your wardrobe? Then let’s go shopping together. I’ll show you my favourite shops in Milan and Warsaw. We can also browse online.


I’ll give you good advice while you’re shopping. I’ll advise you whether the clothes you’re trying on fit your style and whether they’re easy to combine with the clothes you already have in your wardrobe.


Your shopping experience will be 100% successful. Forget about returns!

Any questions?

I can meet you in Milan or Warsaw. If that’s too far for you, I’ll invite you for an online consultation.

The whole consultation, including wardrobe review and shopping, takes 2-3 days. We will work with you to determine a time that is convenient for you.

A full consultation has the best impact, but you can choose the parts of the offer you want, such as a style analysis alone or a style analysis and shopping. During the initial consultation, we’ll discuss the best package for you.

I price each appointment individually depending on the client’s needs. It depends on the length of the entire consultation and the extent of the support.

Dress with style, flair and ease

Get in touch with me. I will answer your questions, and we will arrange the details of the consultation.