Let’s get together as women and talk about fashion

Who this offer is for

Looking for an exciting idea for a bachelorette party or a get-together with girlfriends.

You want me to share my experience of Italian fashion.

You are organising a fashion event and want to schedule a workshop with a stylist.

What the workshop is like

We will tailor the topic and the course of the workshop to the needs of the participants.

You can choose from the following modules:

Colour analysis

How to find the colours that suit your beauty type.

Style analysis

How to discover the style that fits your personality and lifestyle.

Capsule wardrobe

How to have fewer clothes and look more stylish.

Body analysis

How to choose a cut of clothing that emphasises your strengths and hides your flaws.

Always fashionable

How to create an outfit for work, event or any other occasion.

What you can count on during the workshop?

An energetic feminine kindness. Because fashion is a path to self-acceptance, not complexes.

An intimate, relaxed atmosphere. I do not create distance and act with a smile.

Knowledge backed by experience. I have been working in the world of Italian fashion for 15 years.

Let’s organise a meeting that participants will remember

Contact me, and I will answer your questions and discuss the details of the workshop.